Neuropsychological Testing

Educational or Neuropsychological evaluation can help understand strengths and weaknesses in learning, memory, attention, etc.

Issues that neuropsychological testing can help us understand:

  • Under-performing in school
  • Homework battles
  • Reading difficulties
  • ADHD (Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder)
  • Executive function difficulties such as difficulties with planning, organization, attention, concentration, decision making, etc.
  • Learning disabilities
  • Processing issues
  • Memory issues
  • Giftedness


    Q: What is neuropsychological evaluation?

    A: A typical neuropsychological evaluation might include an I.Q. test, achievement tests, and additional, neuropsychological tests customized to assess your, or your child’s, unique issues.

    Q: Why would you recommend neuropsychological evaluation?

    A: Neuropsychological evaluation can help determine whether there are any issues that affect learning.  Neuropsychological evaluation can provide a righ, detailed understanding of how your child’s mind works, and areas of strength and weakness.

    Q: How long does neuropsychological testing take?  How much will it cost?

    A: Neuropsychological testing generally requires 5-10 hours of face-to-face testing. For some tests, there may additional time for scoring.  I charge my hourly rate for testing, scoring, and a verbal feedback session.

    Q: I need a report for school and/or for standardized testing accommodations.  Is this something you can provide?

    A: Yes!  I can provide a written report for your records, or for requesting educational and/or testing accommodations.  I have a very high success rate in obtaining educational and testing accommodations.  I charge a separate fee for writing a report.


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